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Inspiring vision
by BSA staff / January 13, 2017
Teens in our monthly Student Design Days have been asking that question for the past two months. In December’s class, they had the opportunity to explore the exhibition One Room Mansion as well as tour the uhü (Urban Housing Unit) to investigate compact living and its implications for...
Engaging communities + Inspiring vision
by BSA staff / January 6, 2017
Now in its fifth year, the CDRC Gingerbread Design Competition, Exhibition, and Auction is a fun and tasty way to highlight the delicious talents of Boston architecture firms, to challenge the designers to explore a new medium, and to raise funds for community design programs of the BSA...
by BSA staff / January 5, 2017
Christian Lemon principal, LEMON BROOKE Landscape Architecture Professional and philanthropic interests: I focus on designing people spaces with the experience of the end user in mind. Whether our spaces are found in urban, campus, or environmentally sensitive environments, the common thread is...
Engaging communities + Inspiring vision + Provoking change
by BSA staff / December 23, 2016
As a follow-up to the Design for Equity curriculum held on day one of ABX 2016, a Design for Equity charrette was held the next day. This design charrette focused on the Fairmount corridor—an area of Boston that has historically been under-served by transit. This section of Dorchester,...
Engaging communities + Inspiring vision + Provoking change + Supporters
by BSA staff / December 13, 2016
Thank you to everyone who attended the BSA Foundation’s annual fundraising breakfast on Tuesday, December 6. Held once again at the Harleston Parker Medal-winning MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, nearly 300 attendees gathered to celebrate the power of design and its potential to elevate everyone...
Inspiring vision
by BSA staff / December 9, 2016
In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, ArchitectureBoston magazine (AB) examined the challenges and opportunities of preservation in its Fall 2015 issue, Preserve. Some of the arguments and suggestions presented in the issue were brought to...