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Traffic Advisory speaker series

The Traffic Advisory speaker series, sponsored by the Barr Foundation and organized by the Boston Society of Architects and the Boston Foundation for Architecture, is bringing together leaders from across North America and Europe to talk to us about the role that 21st century transportation can and should play in adapting to a new period of transformative change. The series will finish this summer, but clear messages have already emerged: we need to plan now and with great ambition; 21st century transportation can help us address significant social, economic, and environmental challenges; and in an era of steadily diminishing public resources, we must do more than talk about the significant economic payback associated with strategic transit investments; we must find innovative ways to actually pay for them.

RECENT Lecture:

The Future of Transportation: A Practical Approach

Thursday July 17, 6-8pm

Gabe Klein (, former Transportation Commissioner for Chicago and former Transportation Director for Washington, DC, will speak about how American cities can plan for the future of urban transportation. Pulling from his experiences in both cities and the private sector, he will examine new mobility ideas and concepts as well as discussing how he's engaged key stakeholder groups to accomplish large scale change in complex environments.  Klein's talk will also highlight several real life examples that demonstrate how DC and Chicago achieved these changes from conception to completion.

The Traffic Advisory speaker series was originally part of Overhaul: The 2013-2014 Transportation Series, an expansive series of design exhibitions, lectures, and other programs offering the region’s most comprehensive look at urban-transportation visioning, with Traffic Advisory, a speaker series focused on opportunities and challenges for Greater Boston; and Rights of Way: Mobility and the City, a design exhibition focusing on the past, present, and future of transportation. Traffic Advisory speakers include regional, national, and international transportation policy makers and visionaries. The series is organized by the Boston Society of Architects, the Boston Foundation for Architecture, Boston’s Green Ribbon Commission, and the Barr Foundation.