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​The Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) reaches its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. To celebrate its history as its gaze turns toward the future, each week throughout the year the BSA will publish a new essay from a leader or ally of the organization. An exhibition focusing on the BSA's achievements over the last 150 years is mounted at BSA Space.

BSA's Time Capsule

An initiative of BSA’s 150th anniversary celebrations is to create a time capsule that will embody and preserve BSA’s history for future generations of architects and design lovers. In doing so, there is opportunity for BSA members to contribute ideas toward what they would like to see preserved, as well as suggestions on the capsule itself! What container should be used? What items should it contain? How should the capsule be stored over time? Any suggestions from the member community who wish to suggest their thoughts on how the BSA’s Time Capsule can be executed are welcome. Contact with your suggestions.

Worth a thousand words

Peter Kuttner FAIA, 1998 BSA president
In lieu of an essay, Peter Kuttner FAIA created an electronic tradeshow displaying his time as the 1998 BSA president. View more.

Anniversary letters

Fight the power

David Lee FAIA, 1992 BSA president
It was a great honor and lasting source of pride to have been selected by my peers to lead one of the oldest and most highly regarded AIA chapters in...


All you need is Love

Tim Love FAIA, 2015 BSA president
The warm embrace by the architecture establishment was critically important to the growth of my fledgling firm, which was founded...

(AIA) Sisterhood is powerful

Roger N. Goldstein FAIA, 1997 BSA president
The BSA of today is clearly different from what it was in the late 1990s—as is the case with the culture and profession in the larger context.


Brave new presidency

Laura Wernick FAIA, 2012 BSA president
What is that Chinese proverb? May you be BSA President during interesting times? I think I hit the jackpot during my tenure.

Peter Kuttner FAIA created a cartoon panel in 2005, after running into a small cluster of past-presidents on the show floor of BuildBoston. This chance occurrence happened again in 2007, and at ABX 2013, and 2014. With each new photo, Peter continued to extend the cartoon panel with the line-up of each year's photo. In the spirit of celebrating the BSA's 150th, he has submitted his ongoing panel of past-presidents as a memory for the community to share.

The line up is as follows from left to right.
Rebecca Barnes FAIA (2001), Robert Brown AIA (2001–2002), David Dixon (2003), Brian Healy FAIA (2004), Hubert Murray FAIA (2007), Jane Weinzapfel FAIA (2006), Laura Wernick FAIA (2012), Mike Davis FAIA (2013), Emily Grandstaff-Rice FAIA (2014), Larry Chan FAIA (2010), George Metzger AIA (2005), Peter Kuttner FAIA (1998), Chuck Redmon FAIA (1988), and Tom Payette FAIA (1984).

Image courtesy of Peter Kuttner FAIA.

Past Events

April 9, 2017 (All day)
April 8, 2017 (All day)
February 16, 2017 | 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM