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Architecture is for everyone

The BSA brings leadership about the built environment to New England’s design profession and to communities throughout Greater Boston. The BSA keeps its 4,500 professional members working at the top of their fields while empowering children, communities, and municipalities to use design to create safe and healthy neighborhoods. Architecture can provide equitable solutions for housing, regional planning, and climate change.

The BSA uses the expertise of architects, designers, and building professionals to make good design a part of life for everyone who lives, works, and plays in Boston. The BSA serves everyone who benefits from the built environment.

By hosting professional and youth design education programs, fostering community engagement and membership networks, and initiating civic transformation, the BSA is making this a region where architects thrive and communities flourish. For more information, visit

Discover how architecture and design transform our world.

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Our mission is to build a better Boston by engaging communities, inspiring vision, and provoking positive change. Our work brings building industry professionals together with the public to explore how design solutions can improve the quality of life.

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