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AIA Guide to Boston app


The authors, editors, the Boston Society of Architects/AIA, and the BSA Foundation are delighted to publish this fourth edition of the AIA Guide to Boston, and to present it for the first time as a mobile app.

Since 1984, the AIA Guide has been Boston’s definitive field book, providing a quick and ready understanding of a large number of buildings and other sites across the city. Like the book, the app is written for professionals and laymen, residents and visitors—anyone curious about Boston’s architecture, history, and development. The sites are generally selected for architectural significance, but the scope extends into history, personalities, and local lore. Newcomers and visitors will find many different ways to explore the city, while Boston natives will discover there’s always more to learn.

Boston is the country’s oldest major city and a veritable museum of iconic architecture across all periods, and this history deserves careful stewardship and preservation. At the same time, Boston is a global leader in design and innovation, and its architecture should reflect and enhance that identity as the city grows and evolves to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Achieving both of these goals is the city’s perpetual challenge, and the record shows successes and failures on both fronts.

Going forward, we think the likelihood of both wise preservation and bold innovation improves as more people develop a deep awareness for what makes Boston unique, understand the city’s history good and bad, and appreciate the many ways that thoughtful, creative design can enhance our daily lives. To that end, we offer the AIA Guide to Boston app with the hope of making a great city even better.

Thomas M. Pounds, Editor
Polly Carpenter FAIA, BSA Foundation
David Eisen FAIA, Contributing Editor
Amy Finstein PhD., Contributing Editor

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