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This AIA Guide to Boston stands on a foundation built by authors Michael and Susan Southworth over three prior editions. Starting in the early 1980s they, along with their supporters and collaborators, published three editions of the Guide over 25 years. Much of their legwork and primary field research would be difficult if not impossible to replicate today. Thanks to their enduring vision and efforts, this project has been one of “adaptive reuse” rather than “new construction.”

An extraordinary body of scholarly and critical writing about Boston and its architecture made the task of updating and expanding this edition of Guide both easier and more enjoyable. A list of sources and references can be found here, but particular recognition is due to authors Keith Morgan and his collaborators at the Society of Architectural Historians; Douglass Shand-Tucci; Charles Sullivan and Susan Maycock; and Robert Campbell, for their insightful perspectives that helped inform a number of the more than 400 new entries and articles.

Following the Southworths’ retirement, the Globe Pequot Press welcomed the idea of transferring stewardship of the AIA Guide to the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA). Pieter Vannoordennen and Amy Lyons understood the advantages of publishing it in a mobile app, and made the contents of the 2008 edition available for that purpose. At the BSA and the BSA Foundation, staffers Polly Carpenter FAIA, and Pamela de Oliviera-Smith were early and ongoing supporters, embracing the project and helping gather resources around it.

Many thanks go to architectural photographers Steve Rosenthal, Peter Vanderwarker, Bruce T. Martin, Robert Benson, Chuck Choi, and Anton Grassl and others at Esto Photographics for their contributions. Collectively, they have created an incredible body of work documenting Boston’s built environment since before 1970. Bruce’s photo graces the opening screen. Additional thanks are due to BSA volunteer photographer Ewelina Olechowska who stepped up to fill gaps, and to the many amateur photographers who have made their work available in the public domain, particularly Daderot, John Phelan, and magicpiano.

As Contributing Editors, David Eisen FAIA, a local award-winning architect and former critic for the Boston Phoenix and Boston Herald, and Amy Finstein PhD, a professor of architectural history and Board Member at the Society of Architectural Historians, have brought their considerable skills to bear in drafting, editing, and updating entries, in particular those for high profile and award-winning projects.                  

Yonward co-founders Rhys Jones, Matt Turner, and Meghan Barton conceptualized and created the mobile platform that underpins this app. Without their initial development, this project could not have happened. Matt, working with designers Beth Salter and Meliza Mitra, tailored the Yonward app to fit this purpose and continues as the project’s technical lead. Intern Andrew Boghossian entered all of the third edition content onto the platform and explored many corners of the city gathering photos.

Going forward, we will look to you, the readers and users, to help refine, enhance, and update the Guide. Thank you in advance for your contributions.