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Q. How are sites selected?
A. About 600 sites were included in the 3rd Edition of the Guide, selected by the authors “primarily for their architectural significance…the work of eminent architects, winners of design awards, national historic landmarks or places…regarded by Boston architects as important and influential.” The 400 or so sites added to this edition have been selected using similar criteria. Simple growth of the city accounts for many of these, but since the app is not constrained by page count we have also been able to include more sites outside central Boston and deepen coverage in areas with high density of architectural interest.

Q. Can I add sites to the App? Can I add a guide?
A. Please recommend additions via the email provided under “Feedback” in the App. Going forward, we may invite guest editors with particular expertise, insight, affiliation, or existing content to add sites and develop guides; let us know if there’s something specific you have in mind. 

Q. Will there be Guides like this one available in other cities?
A. We hope that the AIA Guide to Boston sets a new standard for architecture field guides, and are interested in making the app platform broadly available for use elsewhere.

Q. I want to learn more about Yonward, the app platform that underpins the AIA Guide. Who should I contact?
A. Please send inquiries to

Q. (When) will there be an Android version of Yonward?
A. We hope to make the app available on other mobile platforms, and will do so as time and budget allows. The timing will largely be dictated by the success of the iPhone version.

Header image courtesy of Bruce T. Martin Photography.