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AHEAD Toothpick World: From sliver to skyline

Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts December 19, 2015–March 27, 2016

Detail of 1:164 scale sculpture of Fenway Park (2014), constructed with toothpicks and glue. Photo: Stan Munro

When Stan Munro’s wife fell ill a decade ago, restricting their travel, the artist became an armchair explorer instead, watching television shows that featured the world’s monuments. He bridged that mileage by miniaturizing architectural masterworks all over the globe that caught his fancy — using toothpicks, a hobby that began when he was in the fifth grade, to create 1:164 scale reproductions of these structures. Munro’s toothpick world became a traveling exhibition of more than 60 famous buildings, from the Taj Mahal to Big Ben to Fenway Park (above). “If I go through a museum and there’s nothing that would entertain a kid, then there’s nothing that would entertain me.” This winter at the Fuller, prepare for an unusual journey.

Gallery: Toothpick masterpeices by Stan Munro