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Casablanca, Cuba

Spending 10 days in Cuba feels like a month of experiences. There’s 360 degrees of stimulation that touches all five senses and awakens what you might call the sixth. Despite its combination of a tough history, crumbling built environment, and dire social and economic conditions, Cuba displays its perseverance in a beautiful combination of people, architecture, and natural environment. There’s a word for this in Spanish — resolviendo — meaning “solving,” though the deeper meaning translates to “doing the best you can with what you have.” That energy can be seen almost everywhere you look.

I’ve recently been interested in the delicacy of telephone and electrical poles, in the contrast of light wires and strong structures. This one in partic­ular happened to stick out to me as I walked through the ward of Casablanca on the way to a train station. The amount of wires haphazardly wrapped and spliced into the system set against the backdrop of crisp blue sky and white clouds looked so sculptural and tactile. There’s an order to the chaos, or vice versa. This image isn’t a summary of my time in Cuba, just an example of a simple, beautiful moment set against the reality of the country’s needs.