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Focus: Occupy Boston

The tents are down, the plazas are swept. How to make an intensely place-based movement live on when the places change or get left behind? To this end, Occuprint collects and publishes posters from Occupiers worldwide, aiming to make the ongoing Occupy movement “more visible in physical spaces, not just virtual ones.” Many designs riff on the essential characteristics of a city, humorously quote other regime changing events, and echo the legendary graphics of an earlier age.

Occupy Boston by Jesse Haley Monopoly Tower by Lalo Alcaraz, Los Angeles Maine Hay Bales photographed by Natasha Mayers, Whitefield, ME; designed by Karrie A. Lyons-Munkittrick, Gainesville, FL Venn Diagrams Don’t Lie by Pat F, Occupy DC
Occupy DC byAnthony Nomorosa, Washington, D.C. 99 Percent by Noah Scalin, Richmond, VA Occupy London by Mason London, London, UK Wall Comes Down by Thomas Guzowski, Gilroy, California
We Support Portland by Sally H., New York, NY Occupy San Fran by Jason Justice, San Francisco, CA Occupy Tent by Gregoire Vion, Berkeley, CA Take Back Chicago by Stand Up! Chicago, Chicago, IL
Expect Us by Noel Douglas, London, UK

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