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The Real World: Decay, Fungus, and Mold

It ain't pretty. Mold may be surprising beautiful when viewed under a microscope, but in real life, it's rarely mistaken for art. These photographs illustrate common molds in residential construction — along with their counterparts, fungus and decay — in the context of where they're found.

Face-sealed, non-water managed synthetic stucco allowed water to enter directly into the wall, which led to decay.

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To learn more about what causes these problems and how to address them, visit the vast array of resources on Building Science Corporation's website: All images courtesy BSC.

Read the accompanying ArchitectureBoston article, If Walls Could Talk: The Science of Building, as BSC's principals Betsy Pettit FAIA and Joseph Lstiburek PhD, P.Eng discuss this real world with architect Jason Forney AIA.