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The photographs in my series called Reconciliation explore confessionals, the small rooms in Catholic churches where people confess their sins. Using available light and long exposures, I photograph from the perspective of the penitent, looking for what the spaces might reveal about faith and forgiveness.

I almost didn’t photograph Saint Christopher because it was snowing. When I arrived, I was self-conscious about leaving snowy boot prints on the carpet. The confessionals were simple, with warm light, and the curtains were easy to pull back. I was surprised to find a missalette in one of the confessionals. I wondered about who had brought it and why it had remained. The green cover felt like a reward for trudging through the snow.

Alone in the church, I worked slowly, trying different camera tilts in order to capture the dust on the book’s cover. The church quickly grew dark; outside, it was still snowing. Before leaving, I took a copy of the parish bulletin; it was almost time for evening mass, and I wondered how many people would make it.