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Seeking to “change” your outlook or supercharge your day? The Hacin + Associates team compiled their favorite sites for news, research, discussion, and good old inspiration. Visit for even more.

With more than 120,000 design products and materials, if this website were a candy store, architects would have an ongoing sugar buzz.

Named for the once-ubiquitous sketch paper, this Australian designer digs up inspiring interior design projects worldwide.

Browse Colossal’s stunning visual archives, and you just might accomplish nothing all day.

In addition to detailed news about sales, rentals, and developments, you’ll find video interludes on “Sh!% Real Estate Agents Say” and profiles of otherworldly dome homes.

As evident in posts such as “Taking the mystery out of site drainage,” this blog is full of practical, thoughtful stuff from a design and construction firm in the Pacific Northwest.

George Thrush 
Wicked smart observations on Boston’s urban challenges are delivered by the famously outspoken director of Northeastern’s School of Architecture.

Fashioning Technology 
This fascinating blog explores new fabrics and fabrication methods that bridge the gap between humans and technology. Laser-cut steampunk butterflies, anyone?

Architecture Ryan Gosling 
Hilarious and irreverent obscure architecture jokes are transformed into pickup lines with the handsome Hollywood star Ryan Gosling as a backdrop. Don’t ask. Just enjoy.