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Site Work

City Archaeology Program, City of Boston  
Did you even know that Boston has a city archeologist and a lab with more than a million artifacts? Move over, Cairo!

Sites of Memory  
This recent project offers a map-based website and smartphone tours that connect tales of New York City’s dead to urban sites. Narrated by a stellar lineup of literary luminaries, it promises to deliver “larger stories about remembrance, mortality, and forgetting,” along with an entirely new perspective on Gotham.

The World Memory Championships
The Olympics has company. The World Memory Championships also travels to London this year, focusing on that other, often out-of-shape muscle, the brain. With competition categories such as Names & Faces, Random Words, and Speed Cards, these athletic games encourage all to start training.

The Trust for the National Mall  
This new nonprofit partner of the National Park Service is working to restore the National Mall — “the Nation’s Front Yard” and the connective tissue between some of our most significant monuments. The Trust’s recent design competitions at three different sites provide a preview.

World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition
As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the design competition for the 9/11 memorial, the website is still up. Although the winner is known, are you familiar with its 5,200 competitors? This easily searchable database of competition boards provides a stunning tribute of design energy.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery  
Since 1831, this park-like cemetery has provided respite for the living as well as the dead. It offers elegant examples of changing attitudes about death, and landscape architecture, too. “Beautiful, timeless, and still available.”

World Monuments Fund  
For almost 50 years, in more than 90 countries, this organization has preserved architectural monuments and cultural sites. Check out its “Watch” slideshow of endangered places, “Dig Deeper” into videos and articles, or sign a petition against the demolition of a Paul Rudolph building before it becomes a memory.