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Boston Transportation Planning Review  
So the Inner Belt highway was rejected. Then what? This 1972 document proposes a “Transit Circumferential” — a mass-transit loop that would link underserved areas and move folks more efficiently around Boston Now dubbed the “Urban Ring,” we still need it. Read why here.

Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership  
A recent report from the Urban Land Institute offers helpful examples of what other regions are doing to repair infrastructure and how they finance it. Case studies, emerging trends, and photos of design solutions provide a wealth of important information.

Equal or Better
Just watch the first two minutes! The whole film is equally compelling, but even the opening scenes will influence your view about the Silver Line, the Orange Line, and connections between civil rights and public transit, and not only in Boston. There’s a great man vs. bus race, too.

You say that you support all this good mass transit, but you love driving, too? Your guilty secret is safe with us. And you might enjoy this New York Times blog written by Jim Motavalli, former editor of E (for the environment) magazine. Can there be such a thing as “green” driving?

Request a bike rack, see the vision for a renovated Longfellow Bridge, find out what road-related events are happening in your community. This lively nonprofit advocacy organization aims to make all of metropolitan Boston more connected.

Urban Omnibus
Check out some of today’s leading voices in city making. Journalists, architects, planners, designers, artists, activists, scholars, and citizens are all featured. Their focus may be New York City, but the issues transcend.