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Site Work

Designed to rise and fall with the tide, the proposed multifamily Floatyard housing complex in Charlestown, Massachusetts (above), is the brainchild of architect Brian Healy and developer Ed Nardi. More like rise and shine.

Rising Waters
To mark the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, the Museum of the City of New York mounted this haunting photographic reminder of what the natural world can visit upon the built world. On view through February 10, 2014.

Water World
The Ark Floating House project, by Russian architect Alexander Remizov, gives new meaning to the expression “living in a fishbowl.” Click for English and “sustainable buildings.”

Maya Lin: Here and There
Architect Maya Lin turned her eye to New York’s environmental landscape in recent work that used mapping to interpret waterways as dynamic forms. Her Pin River wall works, especially Pin River Sandy, are memorials of a sort to a drowned landscape.

Natural Resources Defense Council
How well prepared is your city or state to handle a 100-year flood? The NRDC has the sobering news.

Rebuild by Design
US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (and Harvard Graduate School of Design alumnus) Shaun Donovan is heading up this ongoing competition to develop reconstruction and resiliency plans for the East Coast, from Maryland to Rhode Island. Among the local teams participating are Sasaki Associates and the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism.