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Urban Housing Unit (uhü) and One Room Mansion

Urban Housing Unit (uhü)
Concluded December 9

One Room Mansion
Through February 6, 2017

BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Boston

Graphic icons for the One Room Mansion study. Image: Courtesy of the Boston Society of Architects

The Urban Housing Unit (uhü — pronounced “yoo-hoo”), a mobile prototype housing model designed by LiveLight and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA in partnership with the Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab and the BSA Foundation, wraps up its months-long road show on the channel-facing lawn outside BSA Space, where the 385-square-foot prefabricated apartment joins the exhibition One Room Mansion. Designed to revamp BSA Space into a building with compact apartments connected by corridors, One Room Mansion spotlights space-saving innovations that make these units work for singles and small families. Could this modest concept — individual living spaces grouped with communal amenities — help meet the demand for affordable housing near transit, restaurants, and workplaces? Curated by Aeron Hodges AIA and A. Quinton Kerns, the exhibition will showcase demographic and design research while exploring 21st-century residential dwelling options for all ages and incomes. ■

Urban Housing Unit (uhü) interior.
Photo: Paige McWhorter