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A film by Gary Hustwit, Museum of Fine Arts Boston
November 4, 2011

With 75% of humanity projected to live in cities by 2050, the role design plays in shaping where we live matters more than ever. This makes for great subject matter in Urbanized, the latest installment from director Gary Hustwit.

Like Helvetica and Objectified before it, Urbanized flows from story to story, seamlessly highlighting design solutions around the globe. Interviews roll against a backdrop of lush urban images as architects as well as civic, educational, and municipal innovators from Bogota to New York City reflect on the collaborative nature of design and what it means to those it touches.

Like cities themselves, the film choreographs diverse and sometimes competing ideas with varying degrees of harmony. It creates a broad, complex, hopeful picture of the world, arguing that design does not simply give form to what we live in, but how we live in it.

Think globally, act locally. The sold-out screening clearly indicates that this topic is on the minds of Bostonians, too. Place-making efforts are happening all around us, working to ensure that Boston continues to be a city where people from different backgrounds can come together in the hopes of making a better world for all