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BSA Award of Honor

Submission Deadline: February 22, 2017
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Past Awardees

Theodore Landsmark Assoc. AIA (2015)Ed Tsoi FAIA (2013)Andrea Leers FAIA (2009)Jane Weinzapfel FAIA (2009)

Click on any of the thumbnails above to view a slideshow of recent award winners.

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding contributions to architecture and to the profession.


  Earl Flansburgh FAIA (1999)
Theodore Landsmark Assoc. AIA (2015) Buz Brannen FAIA (1998)
Fred Koetter FAIA and
Susie Kim AIA (2014)
Don Stull FAIA (1997)
Ed Tsoi FAIA (2013) Jean Paul Carlhian FAIA (1996)
Jane Thompson, Assoc. AIA (2012) Carl Koch FAIA (1995)
Tad Stahl FAIA (2011) Gerhard Kallmann FAIA (1994)
Jon McKee AIA (2010) Mike McKinnell FAIA (1994)
Andrea Leers FAIA and
Jane Weinzapfel FAIA (2009)
Chip Harkness FAIA (1993)
Jerry McCue FAIA (2008) Tom Payette FAIA (1992)
Hugh Shepley FAIA (2007) Sally Harkness FAIA (1991)
Rebecca Barnes FAIA (2006) Ben Thompson FAIA (1990)
Joan Goody FAIA (2005) Norman Fletcher FAIA (1989)
Robert Campbell FAIA (2004) Hugh Stubbins FAIA (1988)
Richard Bertman FAIA (2003) James Lawrence FAIA (1987)
Chuck Redmon FAIA (2002) Pietro Belluschi FAIA (1986)
Ken DeMay FAIA (2001) Arcangelo Cascieri FAIA (1985)
David Lee FAIA (2000) Lawrence Anderson FAIA
(1984; first awarded)


Individual must be a BSA member, current or former, and have made "outstanding contributions to architecture and to the profession" over an extended period of time. (This broad qualification is meant to allow a large degree of flexibility over the years.)


Deadline: February 22, 2017.

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