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BSA Commonwealth Award

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Past Awardees

Vivien Li Hon. BSA (2017)pinkcomma gallery (2016)MBTA (2013)Boston Public Library (2010)Emerson College (2009)Emerson College (2009)

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The purpose of this award is to recognize an outstanding influence on our built environment or our awareness of it.


Vivien Li Hon. BSA (2017) Cambridge Historical Commission (2000)
pinkcomma gallery (2016) Robert Campbell and
Peter Vanderwarker (1999)
Boston Survivors Accessibility
Alliance (2015)
BCDC (1998)
MBTA (2013) Trustees of Reservations (1997)
Edward Linde (2012, posthumous) AGC of Massachusetts (1996)
Boston Harbor Island Alliance (2011) The Boston Globe (1995)
Boston Public Library (2010) UrbanArts/Pam Worden (1994)
Emerson College (2009) Bridge Design Review Cte. (1993)
Boston Redevelopment Authority (2008) Fred Salvucci (1992)
Norman Leventhal (2007) Boston Preservation Alliance (1991)
Boston Harbor Assn. (2006) National Parks Service,
N.E. Office (1990)
Adaptive Environments (2005) Harbor Clean-Up Project (1989)
Citizen Schools (2004) SPNEA/Nancy Coolidge (1988)
“Back to the Beaches” (2003) MDC (1987)
Historic Neighborhoods
Foundation (2002)
Boston By Foot (1986)
Women’s Institute for Housing
& Economic Development (2001)
First Night (1985; first year given)


The individual, group, concept, or object (other than an architect or a building) has influenced significantly our built environment or our awareness of it. Prospective recipients might be a public agency, a public policy, or a private developer/user who encourages good design. Also eligible would be such diverse candidates as a publication or an outstanding education program.

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