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BSA Honorary Membership

Submission Deadline: April 12, 2019
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Past Awardees

Judith Nitsch (2018)Lisa Brothers (2018)Matt Kiefer Hon. BSA (2017)Renée Loth Hon. BSA (2016)Stephanie Pollack (2015)Michael Blier ASLA (2010)Vivien Li (2008)Nancy Jenner (2008)

Click on any of the thumbnails above to view a slideshow of recent award winners.

The purpose of this award is to honor a person of esteemed character who has rendered the profession of architecture as a valuable service within the territory of the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA), and has conspicuously upheld the BSA's aims.


Lisa Brothers and Judith Nitsch (2018) Justine Liff (2002) John deMonchaux
Matthew Kiefer Hon. BSA (2017) Bob Weinberg (2001) Barbara Walker
Renée Loth Hon. BSA (2016) Bob Doran (2000) George Macomber
Stephanie Pollack (2015) Tom Menino (1999) Tony Yudis
Brian Swett (2014) Elsie Hurst (1998) Kevin Lynch
Richmond So (2013) Ann Hershfang (1997) Lowell Ericson
Thomas P. Hopkins (2012) Henry Lee (1996) Michael Dukakis
Keith N. Morgan (2011) Harry Spence (1995) Carl Sapers
Michael Blier ASLA (2010) Chris Noble (1994) Polly Flansburgh
Leith Sharp (2009) Carol R. Johnson (1993) Ian Menzies
Vivien Li (2008) Leo McEachern (1992) Kathy Kane
Nancy Jenner (2008) Clara Wainwright (1991) Ruth Werman
Jill Medvedow (2007) Lionel Spiro (1990) Willard deLue
Nancy Levinson (2006) Stephen Coyle (1989) Kenneth J. Conant
Alice Friedman (2005) Anne Hawley (1988) Sarah Bollinger
Tom Keane (2004) Norman Leventhal (1987) Joel Leighton
Alexandra Lee (2004) Richard Fitzgerald (1986) Frank Sargent
Penny Mitchell (2004) William LeMessurier (1985) Ed Logue
Fred Salvucci (2004) Tom Winship (1984)  
Elma Lewis (2003) Peter Rowe  


Anyone who is not eligible for “AIA” or “Associate AIA” membership in the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) or any other chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Only one may be named per year.

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