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Campus and Urban Planning Awards

Submission Deadline:
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Past Awardees

Universidad del Istmo Masterplan by Sasaki AssociatesPortland State University District Framework Plan by Sasaki AssociatesUniversity of Maine Master Plan by Sasaki AssociatesKhalifa University of Science, Technology and Research by Sasaki Associates

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New England planning professionals may submit urban design and campus projects planned for anywhere in the world. Design professionals working anywhere in the world may submit urban design and campus projects planned for New England.

The judging criterion is design excellence. In the category of campus planning, evidence of how well the plan expresses implementation strategies, phasing, heritage and vision may also be considered. The jury is empowered to determine the extent to which design excellence is defined by aesthetic, functional, contextual, sustainable, social or other characteristics. The jury may elect to honor all or part of a project, in any category they choose.

Michael Kuchta AIA, senior urban design planner, Harvard Planning & Project Management, Harvard University
Amy Kohn Kaiser, senior associate, Goody Clancy
Richard A. Yeager II, AIA, assistant director of planning and design, Boston College

Jury date: July 16, 2015


This award comprises two distinct categories that will be independently assessed:

  1. Urban design shapes the public realm, in the form of historic preservation projects, landscape design, new community-design plans, permanent or time-limited public art, public open-space plans, regional plans, transit-oriented projects, urban infill projects and waterfront planning projects.
  2. Campus planning is the articulation and documentation of a proposed arrangement of buildings, landscapes and infrastructure in support of an institution’s purpose, programs, priorities and physical presence.

Unimplemented or unbuilt urban design projects are eligible if they meet the other applicable requirements of this program, but projects must have an actual, identifiable client. Projects or plans submitted to either category in this program must have been completed between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2014. 

Projects that have been honored in past years and work by jurors or by their firms are ineligible.

Entry fees

The nonrefundable entry fee for the first submission is $150 for Massachusetts AIA members and $250 for all others. The fee for each additional submission by the same architect or firm is $100 for Massachusetts AIA members and $165 for all others. There is no limit on submissions. Checks should be made payable to Boston Society of Architects.

Deadline: 4:00 pm EST April 24, 2015.

For more information

Contact the BSA at or 617-951-1433.

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