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Women in Design Award of Excellence

Submission Deadline: July 28, 2017
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Past Awardees

Jean Carroon, FAIA, LEED Fellow  (2016)Kathleen MacNeil, LEED AP (2016)J. Meejin Yoon, AIA, FAAR (2016)Mikyoung Kim (2015)Vivien Li (2015)Anne Hawley (2015)Laura Wernick FAIA (2014)Neri Oxman (2014)Carole C. Wedge FAIA (2013)Kathleen Lugosch FAIA (2013)Gail Sullivan AIA (2013)Janet Echelman (2012)Tamara Roy AIA (2012)Deborah Pierce AIA (2011)Pamela W. Hawkes FAIA (2011)Pamela Delphenich FAIA (2011)Dr. Katherine Sloan (2010)Laura Solano ASLA (2010)Sheila Kennedy AIA (2010)Lynn Wolff FASLA (2009)Polly Flansburgh Hon. AIA/BSA (2009)Barbra Batshalom (2009)Nancy Jenner, Hon. BSA (2008)Diane Georgopulos FAIA (2008)Elizabeth Ericson FAIA (2008)Elise Woodward AIA (2007)Jill Medvedow (2007)Adèle Naudé Santos FAIA (2006)Doris Cole FAIA (2006)Coco Raynes (2006)Maryann Thompson FAIA (2005)Jennifer Jones FASLA (2005)Valerie Fletcher (2005)Martha Schwartz FASLA (2004)Marion Pressley FASLA (2004)Ann Beha FAIA (2004)Victoria Sirianni (2003)Andrea Leers FAIA (2003)Sarah Harkness FAIA (2003)Sharon Matthews AIA (2002)Joan Goody FAIA (2002)Barbara Boylan FAIA (2002)Clara Wainwright (2001)Elizabeth S. Padjen FAIA (2001)Carol R. Johnson FASLA (2001)Rebecca Barnes FAIA (2000)Judith Nitsch PE (2000)Jane Weinzapfel FAIA (2000)

Click on any of the thumbnails above to view a slideshow of recent award winners.

To view the full list of past awardees, click here.

The award is presented in recognition of a person who has designed one's own life in design, whose work exemplifies the best of process and product, and who uses a position of achievement to give back to the world of design and to the community at large.

Deadline: All submissions are due by 4:00 pm on Friday July 28th, 2017

Person: A living person, who works and/or has worked in the New England region. (Persons who have died may receive an honorary award, posthumously, at the committee's discretion). Ethical, confident, exemplifies exceptional excellence. Brings multiple experiences to work in design of the built environment.
Process: Celebrates the "long and winding road.” Shares responsibilities and information, cares for others’ well being. Invites participation and encourages participation.
Product: Demonstrates exceptional excellence, reflects process. Content of design and built work: formal design issues and programmatic experience in equal measure. Content of non-design and non-built work (ie: writing, teaching): formal design issues and programmatic experience in equal measure.
Position: Success has been achieved well and then used well. Affects change. Position/success is part of an evolving career.

View the CFE and entry form.

Complete the entry form and mail it with supporting documents and a USB of the submission in PDF format to the attention of:

Attn: Felice Silverman and Yanel de Angel
Women in Design Award of Excellence
Boston Society of Architects/AIA
290 Congress Street, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02210

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