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Curating Exhibitions at BSA Space


Photo: Alisha Keshavjee.

Main Gallery space (second floor)

Frequency of exhibitions: Two to three per year
Space: 9,000 square feet
Application process: A call for entries is issued every two years; proposals are reviewed by the BSA Foundation Exhibitions Committee

Exhibitions at BSA Space are curated by independent designers or exhibition teams. Calls for entries are released approximately every two years, and proposals are reviewed by the BSA Foundation Exhibitions Committee. Exhibitions at BSA Space are programmed one to two years in advance. Recent curators include Khôra LLC (Bigger than a Breadbox, Smaller than a Building); C2/curatorsquared (StereoType: New directions in typography); and IKD (Urban Timber: From seed to city). For a full list of past exhibitions at BSA Space, visit

The main gallery at BSA Space presents creative explorations of design’s potential to inspire, create community, and to transform the world we inhabit. Exhibitions are targeted at a design-loving public as well as design professionals to appeal to the diversity of audiences who frequent BSA Space.

The BSA Foundation’s Exhibition Committee—which comprises museum professionals, BSA members, Foundation representatives and volunteers, and community members—reviews submitted proposals. Major exhibitions generally run for four to five months and are intended to use all the main gallery space on the second floor. Funded by the BSA Foundation, budgets are customized according to the size, scale, and the particular needs of each exhibition. Selected designers will work closely with BSA and BSA Foundation staff to develop content, format, and aligned programming.

The call for main gallery exhibitions is open to individuals, teams, or firms. Applicants should not feel limited to overt architectural themes, as the committee will consider proposals that explore a wide variety of design and urban-related topics. 

Community and member galleries: Salt Gallery and conference rooms

Frequency of exhibits: Four to six per year
Space: The equivalent of space for 12 to 24 poster-sized boards or framed works, or 10 to 12 large-format hanging screens
Application process: Submit application form (link to form) to

These auxiliary galleries provide flexible, agile space for smaller exhibitions curated by schools, BSA members and committees, Foundation representatives, and community groups. These exhibits are intended to highlight the cutting-edge research and talent of BSA members and affiliated organizations. Budget for these galleries is limited, but BSA Space staff will assist with promotion, programming, and installation on a case-by-case basis.