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IN FORM: Communicating Boston

Exhibition Opening:
February 10, 2012
Exhibition Closing:
August 31, 2012

IN FORM: Communicating Boston

The experience of the city is never static. Our sense of the urban environment and our ability to navigate its terrain are constantly negotiated, subject to the hidden processes that influence the forms we see. Design plays an instrumental role in this translation. Physical interventions can help or hinder our understanding of a city’s spaces, clarify or obscure its systems of movement and enable or deny the participation of its various publics. By framing the means through which we interpret and engage with our surroundings, designers can reveal the changing aspects of a city’s present, tell stories about its past and speculate on its future.

IN FORM presents a legacy of projects in Boston over the past 50 years envisioned to increase access to the city. Three themes—Legible City, New/Public and Futures—explore how design can shape our understanding of the urban realm, expand its cultural sphere and propose new possibilities for its development. Combining architecture and urban planning with the design of information, exhibitions and events, each of these built and unbuilt projects embodies a particular vision of what Boston is and what it could be.

Image of Experimental Information Center, Ashley/Myer/Smith, 1969. Photo by Booth Simpson.

This exhibition is sponsored by Cambridge Seven Associates, Eastern Salt Company and Ardon Vinyl.

Exhibit curated and designed by Chris Grimley, Michael Kubo, and Mark Pasnik of over,under.

Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
Eastern Salt Company Inc.

Designer and curator: