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Not Old School: Architecture in Support of Learning

Exhibition Opening:
November 19, 2012
Exhibition Closing:
January 31, 2013

Not Old School: Architecture in Support of Learning

Education is the primary path to a healthy, satisfying life.

Traditional learning has taken place in a transmission mode: one adult transmits information to many students. This “old school” approach supported the accumulation of information; “new school” learning supports exploration and problem solving. Recent research indicates that robust learning is multi-modal and distributive. Students learn most effectively when all senses are engaged. They learn through constructive, meaningful and challenging problem solving, and through social engagement with others. Students also learn best when they are healthy, alert and emotionally engaged with the material. In response to this brain-based learning research, architects are designing schools that more actively engage the whole student. This exhibit by Cambridge firm HMFH Architects focuses on five trends in education and explores this new understanding of how students learn in a series of innovative new schools from Europe, Asia and the United States.