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Reinvention in the Urban Midwest

Exhibition Opening:
July 17, 2013
Exhibition Closing:
September 27, 2013

Reinvention in the Urban Midwest

See details for a curators' talk on September 12.

Last year, one in 10 people who moved to Massachusetts were from the Midwest. These more than 12,000 arrivals are enough to populate Boston’s Beacon Hill; yet, to many New Englanders, the Midwest is an indeterminate place somewhere between here and California. What is the Midwest, really, and why does it matter here in the land of the Pilgrims, Fenway Park, and triple-deckers?

The exhibition Reinvention in the Urban Midwest, curated by Sasaki Associates, focuses on current forms of reinvention in the urban Midwest and explores the drivers for such a recurrent phenomenon: global competition, cultural shifts, dwindling resources, and the acute need for greater resilience.

In addition, the exhibition investigates what the Midwest really means outside its topographical boundaries and why that should matter to us. MyMidwest, an interactive, map-based survey through which visitors can share what they consider to be the physical boundaries of the Midwest, gathers the collective consciousness associated with the Midwest in New England. This tool is available online for those wanting to play now!

A selection of Sasaki’s vast work in the Midwest is on display, including the Chicago Riverwalk; Midtown Detroit TechTown District Plan; The Tomorrow Plan in Des Moines, Iowa; University of Nebraska–Lincoln Masterplan in Lincoln, Nebraska; and The Ohio State University Park–Stradley Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

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