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California College of the Arts (CCA)

The college prepares its students for lifelong creative work and service to their communities through a curriculum in fine art, architecture, design and writing. CCA has a strong mentorship culture bolstered by an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and average class size of 10 students. Additionally, 88% of CCA's faculty are professional practitioners so students have the opportunity to learn from experienced artists, architects, designers, and writers continually engaged with the modern challenges and opportunities in their fields. Payscale has ranked CCA the top art school in the nation for return on investment.

CCA 2 Oakland Julia Kleinschmidt

CCA was founded in 1907 and today, we’re making another bold move: The college is currently expanding the San Francisco campus. We’ve added two new buildings, transformed into a residential campus with a new dining hall and rooms for 500+ students, and are creating hybrid making-spaces that will enable our interdisciplinary mission like never before.

CCA 1 S Fneighborhood Julia Kleinschmidt

The range of ideas, people, and creative practices on campus will give your work intelligence and depth. Niche has ranked CCA the sixth most diverse college in the nation. Together, our interdisciplinary community understands the evolution of creative economies and their increasingly important role in solving social, cultural, environmental, and economic problems.