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Housing and affordability

An urban design workshop focused on the Dorchester Avenue corridor and two public forums explore ways to promote more expansive and innovative thinking about urban workforce housing. Coming soon: Housing design competitions and an exhibition presenting fresh ideas about new housing types for 21st Century urban dwellers.


Urban Design Workshops

Urban Design Workshops provide a valuable resource to public agencies and major property owners by providing big-picture design thinking that supports larger planning and public outreach processes…

Imagine Boston 2030

Imagine Boston 2030 will create a framework to preserve and enhance Boston, while embracing growth as a means to address our challenges and make the city stronger and more inclusive…


Renovate for Recovery

A volunteer initiative of BSA members and colleagues in the design industry, together with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts use collective expertise to help in the recovery process for those physically affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.…

Focus on Housing

The BSA/AIA and BSA Foundation present this series on housing as a valuable resource to address the challenge of urban housing


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