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APRIL 2014 MEETING - "Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls - Specifying & Troubleshooting Insight"

The April meeting of the BEC 2014 Lecture Series on glass enclosure design was presented by Wei Lam of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. in Boston, MA. The presentation focused on the topic of glazed aluminum curtain wall systems, with specific regard for specifying and troubleshooting common design / installation issues. Glazed aluminum curtain walls are and have been a staple in the architectural design of countless mid- and high-rise buildings since their introduction at the end of the 19th century. Many of the most iconic buildings of our times are draped in curtain wall facade elements. The industry has adopted many variations in basic design, configuration, and fabrication of these systems to address desired design flexibility, aesthetic intent, and increasing performance requirements. Compared to most traditional masonry and wood framed walls, curtain walls represent an intricate assembly of extrusions, gaskets, glass, transitions, and sealants that are installed with ever more demanding performance requirements. The 'Swiss watch' of claddings requires unique design, fabrication, and erection considerations to achieve desired performance.

Mr. Lam’s presentation discussed fundamental aspects of specification, detailing, and quality management that can help to mitigate performance-related issues of finished unitized and site-built curtain wall products.  The presentation incorporated case studies to demonstrate highlighted topics, including the presenter’s select experience from numerous peer reviews, investigations, and troubleshooting of specific curtain wall installation and performance issues

This meeting of the BEC was sponsored by A&A Window Products, Inc., a reputable contractor who has been serving the window industry in the Boston areas since 1954. In addition to curtain wall installation, A&A specializes in occupied window replacement, historical window replacement, glazing repair/restoration, entrances, and interior glazing. They also offer pre-construction and investigation services to owners and designers. Contact information:

A&A Window Products, Inc.
15 Joseph Street
Malden, MA 02148


BSA BEC Presentation 4 - Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls - W. LAM - 4-28-2014.pdf3.84 MB