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Architectural Registration Board to Update Regulations Governing Practice

                       Architectural Registration Board to Update Regulations Governing Practice

The Massachusetts Architectural Registration Board has proposed updates to the 231 CMR 1.00 to 4.00, the Rules and Regulations governing the registration and conduct of all licensed architects in the state of Massachusetts. The proposed updates are intended to reflect changes in the industry since the last major regulation update in 2002.

In advance of considering these changes and commencing the formal regulatory amendment process, the Board welcomes interested members of the public to provide input with regard to topics and possible changes the public would like the Board to consider addressing in the next regulation review.

When reviewing the files, understand that the following formatting was used by the ARB:

  • All existing CMR language to remain is denoted by black lettering.
  • All proposed new language is denoted in underlined, blue lettering.
  • All existing CMR language to be struck in denoted by blue lettering with a strikethrough

It is anticipated that the proposed updates will be submitted into the formal regulatory amendment process within the next several months. Upon completion of that process, the Board will hold a public hearing. During that time any and all members of the public can offer testimony that the Board will consider before they finalize the regulations.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Chair of the Architectural Registration Board, John Miller FAIA at 617-844-2115 or at

AR - Regulations - Section 2 - Redlined Draft 5.pdf64.6 KB
AR - Regulations - Section 3 - Redlined Draft 5.pdf101.37 KB
AR - Regulations - Section 4 - Redlined Draft 7.pdf113.94 KB