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The BSA College of Fellows meets the BSA Foundation 13 July 2015

BSA Fellows Update July 2015


On July 13th, the BSA Fellows Committee met with key people from the new BSA Foundation to "Meet the Foundation." Tony Tappe, Chuck Redmon, Jane Weinzapfel, Carol Burns, and Peter Kuttner were given an overview of the Foundation by Mike Davis, the Chair of the BSAF, Executive Director Eric White, and Director of Development Penny Mitchell. Hubert Murray, Larry Chan, and Elizabeth Padjen were at points distant, and Keith Moskow has moved off the committee (... thanks for all your help Keith!)

BSA Foundation

The BSA Foundation is the new incarnation of the old BFA (Boston Foundation for Architecture), the philanthropic arm of the BSA that many Fellows helped create, beginning back in 1984. Today the vision of the Foundation is firmly committed to public outreach. The grants for public design education continue, but the new BSAF plans to engage communities, inspire vision, and provoke change.

The Foundation has been running these 1-hour "Meet the Foundation" events every two weeks for the past year. Over 250 people have attended them, at the BSA Space or in offices and special places around town. The COF committee was given a short version of the event, including examples of the three BSAF efforts that are featured. These "Meets" are not asks for money, but really an opportunity to spread the word about the Foundation, and create ambassadors for the BSAF.

The Foundation and the Fellows

We felt our Fellows know many other Fellows already, who together have formed the lifeblood of the BSA over the past many years. Also, because public outreach is a also a goal of the BSA Fellows, we have an opportunity to work with a program already building up steam. Now that our core group is familiar with the BSA Foundation, we can expand our involvement if we spread the word to the rest of the Fellows. Goals for our BSA Fellows committee would be:

  • Bring 10 or more of the other BSA Fellows to a "Meet the Foundation"
    (at our September meeting we can divide up the list of Fellows between our Committee members and identify who will invite whom)
  • Bring 10 or more people in your circles (friends, colleagues, clients, neighbors, etc.) to a "Meet the Foundation"
  • Consider focusing the next Fellows Dinner on the BSA Foundation
  • Identify an emerging leader in your firm as the BSA Foundation connection

Foundation Breakfast – 9 December 2015

This year Hashim Sarkis, Dean at MIT (and our speaker at the 2015 Fellows Dinner) has agreed to host the new annual Foundation Breakfast at the MIT Media Lab on December 9th. Last year's inaugural Foundation Breakfast was a fabulous event at the BCEC, and this year it promises to be even better.

Schedule Our September BSA Fellows Meeting

We should meet as soon as possible after Labor Day ( late this year on Sept 7). I will ask the BSA to send out a doodle poll for
September Wed 9th, Thurs 10th, Fri 11th, Mon 14th, Tues 15th, or Wed 16th.

September Tentative Agenda

We will have several items to discuss at our next face-to-face in September

  1. Date Options for 2016 St. Botolph's Fellows Dinner
  2. The dinner needs to be 2-3 weeks before 2016 AIA Convention in Philadelphia on May 19-21
  3. Speaker Preferences
  4. New Initiatives for Fellows Committee

A. Supporting Emerging Professionals

The National College of Fellows is already co-sponsoring an emerging professionals' Leadership Summit on October 23, 2016, and Boston is one of the 3 or 4 cities hosting an in-person event to go along with the simulcast. Since it is Fellows-related anyway, we can jump in and support our Emerging Professionals by taking part. It’s a great chance for Fellows staying involved or creating some mentoring connections.

B. Encouraging Fellowship Submissions

If we can re-energize setting up mentors to review new nominee submissions, they are best done in September, since the submissions are due around October 15. We have 3 or 4 who have already asked.

C. Public Outreach

This is where we can work with the BSA Foundation as ambassadors promoting the value of design to the greater public.

Peter Kuttner FAIA
Committee Chair