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BSA Revit Users Group: September Meeting Summary

Birgitta Foster, VP of VDCO Tech, Inc. and Michael Tardif of Building Life Cycle Information Group presented on Delivering Building Information to Owners.  In a Revit Model there are two main aspects, geometry and information.  Owners are interested in the information output of Revit Models.  This information can be used for the ongoing maintenance of the building.  How can we make the Revit Model an asset, not just a deliverable, in which the owners can extract information properly?

Birgitta and Michael explain that the proper naming convention of elements and data contained in the Revit Model is extremely important but also difficult to maintain.  COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) is a free way to organize building information in the Revit model and to eventually transfer this information from the Revit Model to the owners facility database.

Please see the link below to the powerpoint presentation for further detail.

2014-09-18_BSA_Revit_User_Group_Foster-Tardif_Rev1.pdf9.37 MB