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'Climate Ready Boston: Rise Up!' draws on design, engineering, and academic communities

Sharing thoughts during the 'self-us-now' interactive session of the presentation.

Photo: Dave Hampton

Thanks to everyone who came on October 3, 2017 to the 'Climate Ready Boston: Rise Up! Workshop'.

This was the first co-presentation by the Boston Society of Architects Committee on the Environment (COTE) + Committee on Resilient Environments (CORE). We at CORE were both happy to join our COTE colleagues, have some familiar faces join us, AND see some new faces.

The City of Boston (on whose behalf Blake Jackson of COTE and I were presenting as Climate Ready Boston Leaders) will appreciate your engaging with us. We greatly appreciated the great discussion during the 'Self-Us-Now' session and the valuable feedback which has been forwarded to the City of Boston Climate Ready Boston team. Keep it coming! Additional comments, concerns, and suggestions should go directly to Climate Ready Boston.

Your responses to the City's questions

Top actions you'd like to see the City pursue?

  • District energy / district solar

  • Expanded resiliency checklist

  • Emergency response planning

  • Emergency housing & transportation

  • Stop building in the seaport district

Top actions YOU would take to reduce risk to climate change?

  • More incentives to make adaptive building upgrades

  • Reaching citizens when, where, and how it makes sense in their lives

  • Be able to give a concrete example of this type of work happening in the city

  • Engage people and participate more