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Codes Committee: 9th Edition MSBC / IBC 2015 - Compliance with the High Rise Code

Guest speakers Paul Moan, PE, and Caitlin Gamache, PE, of Code Red Consultants, discuss the High Rise Code Requirements.. 

Design and construction of high rise buildings present many challenges. This presentation addresses the regulatory and some technical issues the design team must consider.  Among the unique life sfafety issues are fire alarm, fire protection, smoke control, egress (with luminous path markings), elevator lobbies, and access for fire services. Examples are provided.

This presentation includes discussion of unique requirements for the City of Boston. 

For further information contact Drake Jacobs, AIA, Chair.

BSA Codes-160720-CodeRed-Moan&Gamache-HiRiseCode-9thEd -2Slide-Compress.pdf5.35 MB