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Construction Control Document - Initial, Phased and Final - AIA Massachusetts Suggested Modifications

At the request of AIA Massachusetts, a working group was formed to review the proposed construction control documents posted on the BBRS web-site.

The three documents located here are a result of that working groups efforts.

So as to protect architects from any undue legal or insurance liability concerns, AIA Massachusetts strongly encourages all architects to use the modified initial, phased and final construction control documents located here.

The working group consisted of the following individuals: David Hatem Esq., Partner, Donovan and Hatem, Chris Poole, Principal, Poole Professional (Insurance), John Miller FAIA, Principal, HMFH Architects, Chair, MA Architectural Registration Board, Vernon Woodworth AIA, Code Consultant, AFK Group LLC, Immediate Past-President AIA MA/Current BSA Commissioner for Civic Engagement, Rep. Chris Walsh AIA, State Representative, 6th District (Framingham) and John Nunnari Assoc. AIA, Executive Director AIA MA.


construction-control-document-phased-AIA MA recommendations.pdf18.02 KB
construction-control-document-final-AIA MA recommendations.pdf15.8 KB
construction-control-document-initial-AIA MA recommendations.pdf17 KB