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Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: Where to start?

My Fellow IT Wizards,

As we look back on 2016, it is fairly obvious that the major IT concern last year was Computer Security.  Firewall. Antivirus. Phishing. Spam. Hackers. Breaches. And these are just some of popular cybersecurity buzzwords thrown around by the media on a daily basis. With all the chatter – and also considering the pace of technology today – how can organizations keep up or know how to protect themselves and their customers effectively? Josh Feinblum, vice president of information security at Rapid7, will talk through what today’s threat landscape looks like, including the anatomy of a threat, and the top five things business leaders need to know to keep their small and medium sized businesses safe. Josh will also provide practical guidance for getting started and assessing the current state of security programs, so IT leaders can prioritize the most impactful actions.

Josh is deeply involved in the security community, with a lifelong passion in the space that culminates in more than 11 years of information security experience, including starting many diverse security and privacy programs nationwide.  

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 8 at Noon at the BSA space located at 290 Congress Street. To ensure that we order enough food, please RSVP to by 9:00AM on February 8, 2017.

Hope to see you all there!

Bruce Harrington

Chair, IT Wizards