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Designing with Water with Jason Hellendrung

Designing with Water

Waterfront cities face increasing challenges due to their relationship with water and the increasing threats of climate change, sea level rise, and more frequent and violent storms. Jason will present some of Sasaki's recent work combining research and practice of addressing these challenges and creating innovative solutions for the future, including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rebuild by Design Competition, NY Rising, the HUD National Disaster Resilience Competition, and the Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery. Jason will highlight work from the Sea Change: Boston exhibit and symposium, including Boston’s vulnerabilities to coastal storm surge and inland flooding, adaptation strategies to address these vulnerabilities, the need for regional collaboration, and opportunities for architects to get engaged.

Jason Hellendrung is one of the leaders in the Urban Studio at Sasaki Associates directing landscape architecture, planning and urban design work on a wide range of complex, urban and public infrastructure projects. Much of Jason’s work involves re-shaping cities through public infrastructure improvements, and in particular, waterfront redevelopment and preparing cities to adapt to climate change, the integration of transit into the city, and parks planning and public access in urban areas.


Links from the presentation

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