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Effective Social Media for Architects

 Effective Social Media for Architects



The meeting included presentations by Marjorie Murray from A. H. Hasting’s marketing group, Stephen Reilly AIA, and Elena Barbera, owner of Worthy Words Writing. 

The presenters collaborated to bring their combined understanding of emerging social media and the web to explain how it could most effectively be used by architects and small business owners to engage clients and otherwise enhance their electronic presence.  Ms. Murray gave an overview of online resources that have been effective on several levels from manufacturer to distributor to retailer – starting with well-optimized web sites and moving into social media to build online relationships.  Mr. Reilly offered specific examples from his web site and connected outlets he uses to enhance his ability to reach potential clients.  Ms. Barbera expanded on using mainstream social media, blogs, e-mail campaigns, and other online tools to present your expertise and opinions in a way that keeps your target market interested and engaged.   She also offered several tips on creating an editorial calendar for your marketing plan, developing discussion topics, and effective writing.




AW Hastings

Stephen Reilly

Worthy Words Writing


Some of the resources mentioned:



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