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Getting to Zero - Emily Grandstaff Rice and Katherine Bubriski

Through a discussion and presentation, Kate Bubriski will discuss how user engagement was used in the schematic design process on the proposed net-zero energy King Open and Cambridge Street Upper School in Cambridge, MA. Emily Grandstaff-Rice will speak about her participation in the City of Cambridge Getting to Net Zero Energy Task Force representing the BSA. As the A&E industry continues to focus on improving the energy performance of buildings, it’s clear that some energy saving measures are outside the designer’s control. Through engaging occupants and city officials significant changes in perception and action can affect energy usage. User engagement, space needs, environmental and aesthetic desires will be addressed and their relationship to energy use.


Learning Objectives:


·         Recognize ways in which occupant behavior will impact energy use in their projects.

·         Learn to conduct client discussion on the impact of occupant behavior on building energy use as well as determine a plan of user engagement.

·         Discover techniques to design spaces to reinforce energy saving occupant behavior using the case studies presented.

·         Discuss how the City of Cambridge Net Zero Task Force has influenced the conversation about planned municipal net zero buildings.

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