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How to build a better city one block at a time

Do you have a dream for your community? Maybe it’s bike lanes, or a better transit system, or more outdoor cafes. Urban Planner Andrew Howard had a similar vision—and he took it upon himself to make it happen. Enter the Better Block Project, a community-driven temporary takeover of blighted blocks. This one-time phenomenon in Southern Dallas has since grown into an international movement, and Howard is at the forefront of it all.

Andrew Howard, AICP worked for 12 years in traditional urban and transportation planning at regional government offices and a top national engineering firm before leaving to pioneer a new approach to civic engagement. Realizing that over the past several decades, designers and city officials have struggled to create and maintain interest from local communities for long-term urban revitalization, Andrew and Co-founder Jason Roberts created The Better Blocks Project. It is now being used in over 100 cities, 5 nations and taught in University.

Andrew is a Principal at Team Better Block, LLC and current Loeb Fellow at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is a contributing author to several urban and street design manuals and his work has been recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects and displayed at the 13th Annual Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition. He takes great pride in motiving citizens to take action!


Thursday, April 16th

6:30 pm

BSA Space

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