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Earlier this year we approached the BSA to create a new committee which focuses on ‘maker culture’ and how to incorporate it into the design process.  Instead of simply hosting monthly presentations, the committee decided to get our collective hands dusty by designing and building a demonstration pavilion for ABX this November.

The MakeTANK exhibit consists of a 20’-0” long, 10’-0” wide and 10’-0” tall flexible pavilion structure, exhibit pedestals, dresses from the IIDA Fashion Show, and “Mood Swing,” the cutest stool on the market.

MakeTANK is also proud to support ArchitectureBoston Magazine by designing and constructing seats for their Reading Nook, and an ABX first:  a video feedback booth.  Visit the booth to submit feedback on your experience at ABX!  We’d love to hear it!

In addition to the pavilion showcasing emerging fabrication techniques, we will be able to host a number of presentations from committee and community contributors.  Please stop by to learn about the future of fabrication!

Addero & SGH
Jaywalk Studio
NuVu Studio
CW Keller
​Sterling Surfaces ​​


MakeTANK offers the greater Boston creative community insights into maker culture -- our efforts would not be possible without the generous support of:

...The Boston Society of Architects for providing us with a committee to explore the future of design and making.

...ArchitectureBoston Expo for providing us with a venue to exhibit and showcase how to bring fabrication into the design process.

...our donors, who make it possible to realize our passions.  Listed alphabetically, we sincerely thank CW Keller, Jaywalk Studio, Sasaki Associates, Shepley Bulfinch, SMMA, and Studio NYL for all of their contributions.

...and all of the folks who have volunteered their time, energy and expertise to create something out of nothing in only a few weeks.  Listed alphabetically, our Tankers hall-of-fame include:

Tom Adamowicz  Emily Goldenberg     Patrick Murray
Piper Ainsley   Gloriana Gonzalez       Jay Nothoff
Ahmed Aly       Jonathan Greer  Gustavo Pardo
Matthew Arielly Lauren Gunther  Adam Parsons
Peter Atwood    Gerry Gutierrez Courtney Pope
Gabriela Baierle-Atwood Chris Hardy     Brad Prestbo
John Bellavance Sean Henry      Eric Reinhard
Nathan Brown    Kathy Hunt      Kyle Richard
Carolyn Brown   Hector Iniro    Lilit Revazian
Ian Carney      Greg Jimmie     Penn Ruderman
Tom Carrier     Paul Kassabian  Ryan Salvas
Daniel Clarke   Janna Kauss     Ruben Sannen
Heath Cody      Michael Kyes    Pablo Savid
Dustin Cross    Bomin Kim       Larry Schwirian
Yueying Cui     Alicia Kosasih  David Sears
Justin Davis    Andrew LaFosse  Ian Scherling
Jason Detwiler  Anthony Lawson  Nich Steinkraus
Philip Dugdale  Steve Listwon   Mike Suazo
Christine Dunn  Josh Lobel      Haik Tokatlyan
Dina El-Zanfaly Katia Lucic     Luis Fernando Useche
Luis Fernando Useche    Parke MacDowell Austin Ward
Kate Ford       Jeff Mansfield  Chris Winkler
Felipe Francisco        Kyle Martin     Jingyue Wu (Helen)
Zsuzsanna Gaspar        Conor McDonald  Ben Youtz
Ilaria Giardiello       Caitlin Mueller