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Mar. 28, 2018 Committee Meeting minutes


Date: March 28, 2018

Location: BSA Space Channel Room

Issued by: Dave Hampton               Issue date: Mar. 29, 2018                 

Attendees: Dave Hampton (DH), Devanshi Purohit (DP)

6:27pm meeting start

  1. Presentations by others:
    1. Open Architecture Collaborative presentation re: MEMA + CORE post-Nor’easter response: Flood risk survey/assessment of Metro Boston neighborhoods. Presentation was planned, but Michael McHugh, GK not present. No update available. GK please schedule an update to members and briefing for next meeting. McHugh will coordinate with DP.
  2. Events
    1. Past:
      1. 2/23: Post-Maria Puerto Rico: A Personal Look at Recovery and Resilience, co-sponsored with Global Practice Network (GPN). Proposal will be submitted by GPN for ABX 2018 workshop; will include DH.
    2. Future events:
      1. 4/19 or 4/26: Combination presentation + planning meeting: Cambridge Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience (CCPR) Plan. Presenter: John Bolduc, City of Cambridge Dept. of Planning. DP to confirm date.
      2. 5/17: Rebuild by Design Living With The Bay in Nassau County, Jason Hellendrung, TetraTech (formely Sasaki) will present. DH to confirm date.
      3. Fall 2018: Proactive climate adaptation planning, esp. recent (and longer term) post-disaster areas. Ex. 1. Buffalo Bayou, Michael Van Valkenburg Associates (MVVA) Ex. 2 Stoss Landscape. DH has discussed with MVVA and explored co-sponsoring with BSLA. No final resolution. DH will pursue.
      4. Resilient by Design Boston Metro Challenge – memo briefing. BF not present. Please schedule a briefing for next meeting.
  3. Shaping thought leadership
    1. Advocacy: DP and DH met with Jennifer Effron, new BSA Policy Director on 3/23 to share top policy concerns / strategies and how CORE might help advance the Policy working group. Effron will continue to reach out to CORE.
    2. ABX one-sheet due April 1: DP will complete and submit.
  4. Meeting dates
    1. Next meeting: 4/19 or 4/26, see above.
  5. Action items
    1. See above.
    2. DP to look into CORE BSA email database to reach past membership.
  6. Other business

DH accepting 3-month consultancy, requiring him to be remote through Jun 2018 w/ periodic email contact. DP will seek additional interim co-chair – effective immediately – to provide additional support.

6:38pm meeting adjourned.