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New Co-Chair Brian Spangler, Elizabeth Cox Resigns

Elizabeth Cox, co-chair of the BSA’s Revit Users’ Group and founder of the group has announced her resignation. Elizabeth has taken on a new role with the AIA and will remain actively involved with the BSA. The two current co-chairs, Elizabeth Utz and Kevin Tracy will continue their leadership and are excited to bring in Brian Spangler of Payette as a new co-chair. Brian brings fresh enthusiasm for the questions and issues surrounding the software platform. A big “thank you” goes to Elizabeth for her years of commitment and dedication!
As the Revit Users’ Group moves forward, a major goal of the co-chairs will be increasing high-level discussion and idea sharing. The Group will continue to explore technical and objective topics, but with an added focus on subjective issues that instigate discussion and opinion. To help achieve this goal, the co-chairs have already been attracting guest speakers who have varying relationships with the industry and Revit software. The co-chairs hope this reinvigorated focus on dialogue will attract all generations of designers regardless of Revit experience levels