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Preparation for the LeadingAge - DFA Initiative Goes Into High Gear - Your Participation is Needed!

The BSA Design For Aging Committee NEEDS YOU!!!

The Boston Chapter of the Design for Aging community collaboration with the City of Boston five year commitment to the World Health Organization “Age Friendly City initiative – is the focus of the DFA committee activity this year.

A group of dedicated (and somewhat over extended) individuals are working to foster the relationship with the city and feature these efforts in an event that will coincide with the national Leading Age conference in Boston November 1 – 4 2015.

Members of the DFA committee recently met with the City of Boston's Commissioner on Elderly Affairs and the Director of Age Friendly Boston regarding the Housing A Changing City: Boston 2030 Initiative.  Chapter 4 of the report outlines the challenges of seniors remaining in their homes in Boston and City’s commitment to aging in place through assistance to seniors.

The DFA is committed to assisting the City of Boston with the realization of residents Aging in Place with collaborating on a proposed set guideline of best practices for housing friendly to elders.  Boston 2030 is focused on both new housing and existing housing. We need your experience and expertise in many realms – however the most critical in the next several weeks is the fundraising effort to support our work this year and in subsequent years.

The DFA committee planning-group has finalized the fundraising package and we are now targeting potential donors. Anyone interested in making contacts with potential donors, soliciting interest, distributing packets, tracking and organizing donor information, donating or receiving a fundraising package is helpful to this effort. We have developed a potential donor spreadsheet and we are coordinating efforts to contact potential sponsors so that there is no unintended duplication of effort. If fundraising is not your strong suit, the DFA is requesting volunteers to form a subcommittee to begin summarizing best practices for senior living /aging in place with the goal of producing a best practice reference guide for the City of Boston to be used by planners, developers, and City certified contractors who work with the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development.

Diane Dooley AIA, LEED AP
Ruth Neeman AIA
Co-chairs, Design for Aging