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The RUG and the GBAUG

Recently we've been trying to work with the Greater Boston Autodesk Users Group (GBAUG) to coordinate presentation content, and the first result of that is GBAUGs next presentation, here's the synopsis:

"Join us for a presentation by Tom Vollaro, Senior Product Manager at Autodesk on FormIt 360, Autodesk’s new product for conceptual BIM. On the surface, FormIt 360 can be compared to a competitive product like SketchUp or Rhino. However, there is way more to the story. FormIt 360 runs on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web and Windows), allows for integrated analysis, and has a clean back and forth interoperability with Revit. In this presentation, we will cover these aspects and much more, including how FormIt can be used as a general purpose modeler for construction and other workflows besides architectural concept design."

Please register for it at their Meetup page: 

See you there!