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Smart Growth in Action, A Plan for Route 9 Metrowest

Wellesley Town Hall, Selectman’s Meeting Room, 525 Washington Street, Wellesley

Please note, PARKING AVAILABLE IN THE LOT ACROSS THE STREET. Please do NOT park in the lot adjacent to the Town Hall for short term use only.


Come to a preliminary presentation by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and MetroWest Regional Collaborative (MWRC) working with the communities of Framingham, Natick, Southborough and Wellesley on a Route 9 MetroWest Smart Growth Plan


This Plan will further develop recommendations from an earlier study which determined that the development potential of the Route 9 corridor under the current zoning could result in almost doubling the current floor area and severely exacerbating traffic congesting.    The study recommended a Smart Growth alternative scenario with more mixed use (housing, office, and commercial), compact and walkable developments, as well as a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment, that could be better served by public transportation and generate fewer automobile trips than the current development pattern.   Other benefits would be more equitable access to housing and jobs, as well as more efficient use of land and improved air quality. 


The current project, the Route 9 MetroWest Smart Growth Plan is developing conceptual design solutions and sketchup renderings/visualizations for several Smart Growth Opportunity Areas along Route 9.   The principles of ‘Sprawl Repair’ which encourage turning strip developments into more compact urban forms will be applied to the extent possible.


MAPC will present their work in progress to the MetroWest Network to get urban design and architectural feedback on our concept designs and draft SketchUp models for three Smart Growth Opportunity Areas along the corridor – (1) Fayville in Southborough, (2) Framingham Center, and (3) Golden Triangle in Framingham/Natick.    We would welcome comments and discussion regarding design, mix of uses, building height, density, and public transportation etc.


The Plans and Sketchup models for the Smart Growth Opportunity Areas will be presented in detail at a public meeting which will take place in mid-November, so feedback would be very helpful.  


For more information about this project, go to:

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Come and provide your feedback for the design community.