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Support a video about the BSA Public Gallery

The BSA is planning to create a video about the first floor gallery and why this public gallery on architecture and design is worth supporting. The first section of the video will be about celebrating Boston as a city of great architecture. The gallery will invite and encourage people to explore the city…with tools, resources, games, media interaction, etc. with the gallery. We’re looking for photographs of Boston architecture, with people in the shots. Photographs of the Boston/Cambridge area preferred, primarily exterior, public buildings and urban places but some interior shots of public places like museums and performance halls or recognizable venues. The goal is to show a vibrant, exciting city with beautiful architecture, parks and public spaces.

Photos should not contain watermarks, but please name your files with your name and/or include contact info that can be added by the videographers.

Frame Size for HD Videos
The frame for an HD video is 1920px x 1080px resulting in a image size per frame is around about 8.3mb.
Video footage is “landscape,” vertical images rarely work for video use.
So the minimum requirement for still images is:
A jpeg of at least 2mb and dimensions not less than 1020px x Xpx at 72 dpi in landscape orientation to fit the frame.
A camera raw or tiff file at the camera's natural size.
Windows often offers to make your images suitable for emailing and this by default reduces the size and compresses them.
Deadline for submission is May 30th.
Please email your submissions to Penny Mitchell -