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An Update from Chair Peter Kuttner FAIA - December 2016

BSA College of Fellows Update—December 2016 

BSA Fellows Annual Dinner
SAVE THE DATE—We have settled on Thursday, April 13, 2017 for the Annual Fellows Dinner, held once again at the St Botolph Club in Back Bay. All are invited.

This is earlier than usual for the BSA, but this year the AIA Convention 2017 is being held from April 27 to 29 in Orlando, Florida. We need make sure we have time to celebrate the new Fellows before sending them off to their Investiture.  (Note to Fellows—Thursday, April 6, the week before our dinner, is the BAC “Spring into Design” fundraiser, and many Fellows should plan to attend that event).

Speaker at the Annual Dinner
The committee is considering a few directions for our speaker, and we’ve received a few good suggestions. However, anyone interested who has an idea, please let us know.

New Fellows Breakfast
We will try and schedule a breakfast to orient the new Fellows shortly before the dinner, after the results are announced in February.

New Fellows Submissions for 2016
This year there were only four Fellowship submissions from the BSA. More have open nominations, but this has been a busy year for many who found it tough to get their credentials together. However, in a healthy change of pace, there were 10 total submissions for the overall New England region.

BSA Fellows Table at the BSA Foundation Breakfast
We had a BSA Fellows table again this year for the annual BSA Foundation Breakfast, held at the amazing MIT Media Lab. Fellows dinner speaker alum Hashim Sarkis, Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, addressed the Breakfast of 300 or so people, and then we had very impressive presentations from the Foundation about work during the past year. 190 people made donations on the spot, with a few others to come. We raised well over $100,000 immediately. Our Fellows table included:

Franziska Amacher FAIA
Moe Finegold FAIA
Michael Gebhart FAIA
Steve Imrich FAIA
Michael Lauber FAIA
Andrea Leers FAIA
Charles Rose FAIA
Bob Schaeffner FAIA
Peter Kuttner FAIA

AIA College of Fellows
For those interested in national COF goings-on, Lenore Lucey was inaugurated this past week as the new Chancellor of the College. Lenore worked for EDSA at the beginning of her career, spent many years as the Executive Director at AIA | NY, and most recently was the CEO of NCARB, so she brings a unique background to the College.

BSA Team Support
Our current Fellows support from the BSA, Sara Garber, has left us to work at Arrowstreet. However, Caitlin Hart, our BSA Development & Marketing Manager, will step in to be our new liaison for the College of Fellows.