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Why is Housing So Expensive?!

Join a lively discussion on Greater Boston’s housing costs and what we can do about it

It’s clear that housing affordability in our region is a problem. Housing that is too expensive for the average worker impacts quality of life (like will you live with three roommates forever?), whether businesses can hire and expand, and if graduates from our institutions can stay and build a career. From apartments to houses and everything in between, the region has a lot of increasingly high priced real estate. So how did we get here?

Join this interactive session for young people living and working in Greater Boston to learn about the true dynamics at play when it comes to housing affordability. Speakers will lead interactive presentations examining the following questions:

  • What does zoning actually mean?
  • How can it and does it impact housing in your city or town?
  • How can you advocate in your neighborhood or community for positive zoning and land use changes?
  • What policies are in play at the state level that could have an impact on Greater Boston’s housing future?

For those who aren’t land use, housing or zoning experts (or if you don’t even know what zoning means!) this session is for you.

Sponsored by the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, the Urban Land Institute, the City Awake program from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and the Alliance for Business Leadership.


4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

District Hall

75 Northern Avenue

Boston, MA 02210